Execution delivers on the promise of the strategy – drives business results

Strategy delivers a promise. People and processes deliver results.  At its core, execution is about driving strategies that require people to do things differently, and balancing between the ‘urgent’ day job and the ‘important’ new goals.

A well-crafted implementation plan is the backbone for ultimately translating, aligning, operationalizing and integrating the strategy into the fabric of the organization. Exceptional organizations don’t leave strategy execution to chance. For flawless execution, the work starts before the work starts.

“The ability to execute strategy can be more important than the strategy itself”.

Yet implementation is where it can all break down, where the strategic plan dissolves into a disparate list of to dos with no coordinated/integrated effort and questionable results. Transition management, previously discussed, sets the stage for a framework of successful implementation.

Raymont Group helps design an effective implementation process that converts your strategy from a great idea to an operational success – one that translates strategy into actions that deliver results.  Doing so takes into account some core constructs about execution:

  • Focus on less so your organization/team can achieve more
  • Use both lead and lag measures to stay on course and get results
  • Simplify keeping score to maximize engagement
  • Create a culture of personal commitments and accountability to deepened ownership of results
  • Make strategy a continual process to keep momentum alive and capture trend opportunities

“Successful execution takes significant effort over an extended period.  It requires sustained commitments”.

Remember:  Achieving and sustaining results year after year is no accident.

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