“She is powerful at creating intimacy with her audience”

Whether speaking to private groups, meetings or opening conferences, Victoria Raymont is the energetic, charismatic and engaging speaker you are looking for! Her unique way of sharing real-life experiences, offering valuable insights and perspectives, and mixing in a little humor provides memorable and actionable takeaways that motivate and inspire audiences.

She’s an ‘Aha’ maker, superbly qualified to speak on high performance leadership.  As an experienced action-oriented professional, Victoria feels her audiences should receive ideas, authenticity and techniques of tangible and immediate use – your outcome is her passion.

Most popular topics

Distinguish Yourself at Work and in Life

“Leaders lead by example whether they intend to or not” – our impact as leaders is staggering. It takes more than aspiration and experience to stand outprofessionally or personally.
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Ignite Your Leadership Team

Shape your leader’s impact and influence for maximum performance – “80% of employee behavior reflects what leadership says, does and rewards”.
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Maximize Your Strategic Impact, Influence and Results

Good strategy development results in a robust, actionable framework – a roadmap of where you’re going and how you’ll get there.
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Truths to Empower Your Transition Leadership

“People take their lead and make their decision about change based on leaders’ tone, conversation and behavior” – its critical leaders are prepared to lead.
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Deliver on the Promise of Your Strategy

Strategy delivers a promise.  People and processes deliver results.  Exceptional organizations don’t leave strategy execution to chance.
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Focus Your Personal Power Managing Yourself and Others

Leaders lead in 4 directions – those relationships matter and truly successful, extraordinary leaders master them all.
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