Strategy Development is a promise of a desired state – delivers clarity, context and fit

Developing a framework/roadmap of strategic clarity and direction that creates sustainable competitive advantage requires challenging the status quo, first-rate critical thinking and a flexible approach that begins with the end in mind.

Leading this robust process, Victoria is committed to stimulating thinking, shifting perspectives and expanding options for new possibilities.  She facilitates leaders to shape, frame and sharpen the conversation.

21st Century Truths about Strategy Development:

  • Conventional thinking and approaches are no longer enough – balance traditional conventions with time-sensitive, more flexible and creative approaches
  • Take the long view (a transformative vision/desired state), then work to a shorter term, executable roadmap
  • Allow for large thinking and scalability, with a focus on measurable outcomes

The Process of Strategy Development Answers…

  • Where do we begin? – getting on the same page
  • What’s the business case? – creating a sense of urgency
  • Where are we headed? – setting direction
  • What’s important? – establishing key priorities and objectives
  • How will we get there? – crafting strategic initiatives
  • What will keep us focused? – creating milestones and a dashboard of measures/metrics

There’s a simple elegance in the resulting ‘roadmap’ of strategic clarity and direction that communicates context and fit for guiding organizational prioritization/decision making, allocation of precious resources and actionable execution.  So whether you are fine-tuning an existing strategy or developing a new, longer term plan, Raymont Group can help you.

Remember: ‘Opportunity is rarely convenient’ and ‘Luck is not a strategy’ – so be in as strong a position as you can be, and never put your future at risk.

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