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Victoria Raymont is widely recognized for delivering strategic clarity, accelerating leader’s impact and performance, driving business results and empowering powerful cultures.

Raymont Group, based in Chicago, is led by Victoria Raymont, a highly regarded business strategist, trusted consultant, executive leadership/presence coach and dynamic speaker.For over 20 years she has helped corporate leaders, trustees and entrepreneurs make the big decisions: on strategy, culture, implementation and personal leadership.

Whether speaking to private groups, meetings or opening conferences, Victoria Raymont is the energetic, charismatic and engaging speaker you are looking for!

‘SELF-KNOWLEDGE – The Launching Off Point for Managing Yourself’

Remember the 4 directions leaders lead – up, down, across and within (self) – and that they lead to 2 pathways to focus your personal power – Managing Others and Managing Yourself.  Well, managing within/self is a function of self-knowledge, and that journey starts with… read more →

2 Confidence Killers

Some things are worth revisiting. In the last few months, the topics of perfectionism and comparison have frequently been present in casual and client conversations, and mentioned in several of my recent readings. Both perfectionism and comparison play into the soundtrack of the gremlin in… read more →

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