Mentoring shapes leaders’ influence, impact and performance – accelerates careers and results

Leaders lead in 4 directions – up, down, across and within – those relationships matter and truly successful, extraordinary leaders master them all. A mentor helps you consciously participate in yourself.

Victoria is a ‘go to’ mentor to help you make career-defining choices to distinguish yourself, and organizations develop and retain their high-impact leaders. “We make real choices about our life based on what we believe about ourselves”. Fine tuning and making a few adjustments translate into game-changing performance and career advancement.

The truth is, it is impossible to recognize the difference between being comfortable and being stuck unless you have an outside perspective. A mentor sees you in ways you can never see yourself alone.

So when is having a mentor a valuable idea?

  • Advancing high-impact performers – fine tuning performance
  • Preparing high-potential leaders – readying for the next level/new position
  • Re-energizing valuable talent – critical-care attention before it’s too late
  • Shaping new-hires – sharpening skills early in a career
  • Developing team leaders and managers – building skills that affect so many others

Mentoring’s impact can…

  • Transform working with and through other people
  • Help you see yourself more clearly to confidently and powerfully move forward
  • Inspire you to your greatness and reinvent yourself
  • Give you new perspectives, shift mindsets, increase self-awareness
  • Teach you how to speak the ‘language of leaders’ – clear, concise messaging that conveys confidence and value
  • Guide you to ask powerful questions to redirect, clarify, reframe and contribute more powerfully to any conversation
  • Sharpen your leadership, entrepreneurship and interpersonal skills
  • Highlight ways to better use your resources of time, energy, power

Remember: Leaders lead by example whether they intend to or not.  The influence and impact of leaders is staggering and far-reaching – Raymont Group can help you distinguish yourself as an extraordinary, impactful leader.

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