Distinguish Yourself at Work and in Life

“Leaders lead by example whether they intend to or not” – our impact as leaders is staggering. It takes more than aspiration and experience to stand out, professionally or personally.

Distinguish Yourself at Work and In Life is a keynote address packed with insight, inspiration and immediately actionable tools. It highlights some of the ‘juiciest’ concepts within all 4 processes of the quadrants of leadership.  The takeaways and insights are relevant for the workplace and day-to-day practice.

You’ll discover and learn how to:

  • maximize your impact and influence by using the 3 skills of ‘the language of leaders’
  • be more deliberate and discerning in navigating your own career
  • focus your personal power managing yourself and others
  • lead others through ambiguity and uncertainty
  • get the results you really want

This keynote is recommended for executives, management teams, emerging leaders and entrepreneurs – those wanting to position themselves more powerfully.