Creating Space – An Opening for Possibilities

A lot of you know I love to garden, work in the yard and play in the dirt – it’s physical mental therapy for me and often a source of ideas/clarity.  Living in a high-rise in the city makes my suburban friends very happy – I’m very eager, inexpensive, entertaining labor for their weekend warrior yard projects.

Recently, I witnessed a dear friend on a terror with her bow saw – she was ‘opening up the canopy’ to allow sunlight to dwarfed, light-starved plantings.  With a few strategic slices (actually many), the backyard was awash in brightness, space and a chance to thrive.

The metaphor of this gardening act has haunted me for weeks, in a most powerful way.  It has application personally and organizationally, and certainly as a leader to consider.  For instance:

  • Where are things ‘overgrown’ so much that they’re killing off prized opportunities/possibilities?
  • What could you simplify/’clear out’ that would create abundant efficiency and phenomenal results?
  • What’s dying to be heard/seen that’s overshadowed with ‘old growth’? (juicy, huh?)
  • Organizationally, what systems/processes/approaches are burdensome to the point of starving fresh, new ideas?
  • As a leader/mentor, how can you be a bow saw and help others bring ‘light’ to their perspectives and beliefs – to transform possibilities and outcomes?

I’m struck how this simple concept has been inescapable and so valuable. So, here’s a request to consider:

What’s the canopy you want to open to allow light into – that would breathe life into you personally, your organization, others?

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