In the words of John C. Maxwell …‘The true measure of leadership is influence.  If you don’t have influence, you will never be able to lead others.  As your influence increases, so does your ability to make things happen.  Ultimately, you make things happen because you are an influencer, and leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less’.

Since leadership is not a function of title, age, tenure, or position, we all have the potential to be leaders in our job, at home, in the community … our sphere of influence is without boundaries.  At any point in time, we each have the opportunity to both make an impression on others about who we are as a leader and have an impact/influence on others for their growth, development and success.  Remember, ‘leaders lead by example whether they intend to or not’, so our impact as leaders is staggering – whether it’s accidental or intentional.

Influence is defined simply as the power to affect others.  Here are some powerful truths of leadership as influence:

  • 80% of employee behavior reflects what leadership does, says and rewards
  • To move people in a new direction, you need influence
  • People take their lead and make their decision about change based on leader’s tone, conversation and behavior. The degree of acceptance or resistance stems from the transition group’s perspective.
  • Influence is a function of trust – which is comprised of competence, collaboration and humility – all 3 always

“The very essence of all power to influence lies in getting the other person to participate” – Harry A. OverstreetIMPACT INFLUENCE -

I urge you to become a student of leaders – recognize people’s level of influence in everyday situations all around you.

Explore the website, and see how you can learn more and integrate it into your leadership.

~Victoria Raymont