Something’s Different

A consistent theme of my consulting, mentoring and speaking has been to assist my clients to distinguish themselves as a leader at work and in life – a resounding invitation to create a clear, powerful identity to focus their strengths, influence and impact. Well, I’m taking my own advice.  April marks the official celebration of 20 years for StrategicSolutionsGroup and the branding of a new identity – Raymont Group.

This clarified identity is in keeping with my own personal and professional reinvention work which I started 5 years ago.  As the saying goes ‘Leadership is an intense journey into yourself ‘ –  it sure is. With that internal shift, came an authentic self-knowing that translates into dramatically deeper connections, more powerful client relationships/engagements and an intense sense of joy, meaning and purpose.

Raymont Group also allows me to expand into new/additional areas of thought leadership and offerings.  Of course, my love of consulting (with the flagship 4 Quadrants of Leadership) and mentoring continue to sharpen my skills. And I will never tire from watching people realize just how amazing they are. Keynote speaking has added a very special medium to inspire others to their greatness.

So, with 20 years under my belt, I sure want to thank you for helping me grow, trusting me with very difficult situations and being the role models I needed (you know who you are).  I look forward to many more years together.