Ask the better, the right questions

Victoria Raymont’s Quick List of 13 Powerful Questions to Shape/Frame/Sharpen the Conversation

  1. Are we asking the right question(s)?
  2. Will the answer to that question get us where we want to go?
  3. What problem are we trying to solve?
  4. What impact do we want to have?
  5. How do we want to resolve this?
  6. How do we want to proceed?
  7. Do we have the right people?/Have we engaged the right people?/Who else do we need to involve?
  8. What isn’t being said?/What’s the question we aren’t asking?
  9. What’s missing?/What have we overlooked?
  10. What’s still unknown?
  11. What assumptions are we making?
  12. What are the unintended consequences?
  13. Would you miss it if it wasn’t there/if we didn’t have it?