Deliver on the Promise of Your Strategy

Execution is flawless implementation and starts with planning – which keeps your strategic plan from dissolving into a disparate list of to dos

Deliver on the Promise of Your Strategy is a keynote address specifically dedicated to the quadrant of Execution.  A well-crafted implementation plan demands preparation and planning, and is the backbone for ultimately translating, aligning, operationalizing and integrating the strategy into the fabric of the organization.

The content-rich session includes the following insights and takeaways:

  • taking the long view for implementation
  • translating the strategy to operational terms
  • ensuring alignment, engagement and accountability
  • mapping strategic inter-dependencies, to highlight:
    • context and fit
    • synergies, prioritization
    • resources allocation
  • mapping functional inter-dependencies to identify:
    • strategic fit and impact
    • cross functional opportunities and team configurations to break down silos and accelerate goal attainment
    • department and individual goals
  • balancing the ‘urgent’ and  the ‘important’

This keynote is recommended for C-suite and senior executives, leadership and management teams and entrepreneurs who want to drive business results, align the organization and supporting systems, and link behavior with performance.