Focus Your Personal Power – Managing Yourself and Others

Leaders lead in 4 directions – those relationships matter and truly successful, effective leaders master them all

Focus Your Personal Power – Managing Yourself and Others is a keynote address specifically dedicated to the quadrant of Coaching.  The best athletes, CEOs and coaches have coaches – because coaches can see you in ways you can never see yourself alone.  They see where fine tuning and making a few adjustments translate into game-changing performance.

This session offers career-defining and life-altering insights, perspectives and skills to accelerate one’s personal and organizational impact, influence and results.  Emphasis will include:

  • career/life stalling symptoms
  • career/life momentum situations
  • leadership traction in 4 directions, managing
    • oneself – where it all starts
    • up – most underutilized direction
    • down – most obvious direction
    • across – most discounted direction

This keynote is recommended for advancing high-performers, preparing high-potentials, shaping new-hires, developing team leaders/managers, re-energizing valuable talent and anyone who wants to more powerfully and confidently move forward.