Powerful Truths to Empower Your Change Leadership

“People take their lead and make their decision about change based on leader’s tone, conversation and behavior” – its critical leaders are prepared to lead

Powerful Truths to Empower Your Change Leadership is a keynote address specifically dedicated to the quadrant of Change Management.  Since two out of three change efforts fail, clearly the management of change is a much more challenging and multi-faceted process than most organizations realize.  In broad terms, it’s a process that addresses the human issues involved in implementing change and the systems people work in – it’s intensely personal and relentlessly systemic.

Insights, models and tools include:

  • 5 powerful constructs of leading change
  • building in the predictability of achieving results
  • bridging strategy and execution – current and desired state
  • aligning and building a culture that supports the organization’s goals

This keynote is recommended for C-suite and senior executives, leadership and management teams and entrepreneurs.